The world’s a changing as we all know and one of the most noticeable areas is publishing and the challenge of digital versus paper.  Or in the audiobook industry – digital versus hard copy CDs.

Personally, my love of audiobooks and reliance on them as a form of entertainment drastically changed seven years ago when my daughter presented me with an iPod and told me there was a much easier way to listen to audiobooks.  It’s all digital for me now, even if it means I must convert a CD to a digital file for final listening.  And purchasing digitally also means I listen to more audiobooks.  Having something only a click away can be good for the soul (but possibly bad for the budget).

However, I know through communicating personally with listeners, as well as reading comments both here at Speaking of Audiobooks and at our Goodreads group, that many rely on (and often prefer) hard copies for their listening.

Libraries play a strong role in hard copy listening as well with many of our listeners planning ahead for the newest releases or looking beyond their local library for borrowing.  Digital lending is on the increase as well.

Whether you listen to one audiobook a year or ten a month, please take our short survey and tell us where do you obtain your books and what do you listen to?

– Lea Hensley

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