Books by Anna Bradley

Lady Eleanor's Seventh Suitor

Lady Eleanor’s Seventh Suitor harkens back to a time in romance where heroes had a dark side and were willing to be cruel or manipulative in order to get what they wanted. Camden West has plans to marry Lady Eleanor Sutherland and has plotted meticulously to reach that endgame. That his bride-to-b ...

A Season of Ruin

I enjoyed Anna Bradley’s début, A Wicked Way to Win an Earl last year, and in my review said: “Her writing is deft and intelligent with a nice touch of humour, and she has taken a well-used plotline and made good use of it by peopling it with distinctive characters and strongly-written relatio ...

A Wicked Way to Win an Earl

Even though there are a couple of things about the motivations of the two protagonists that bothered me, A Wicked Way to Win an Earl is a well-written and enjoyable début from Anna Bradley. The storyline isn’t an especially original one, but the writing is solid, the heroine is spirited without ...