Books by Elisabeth Hobbes

Uncovering the Merchant's Secret

Uncovering the Merchant’s Secret is a lot more tough-minded than the last two Hobbes novels I’ve read – and a lot darker.  It’s also very entertaining, with the most fascinating heroine I’ve read about recently, and is set in a period I’ve not often come across in historical romance. Wh ...

A Midsummer Knight's Kiss

A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss gives Elisabeth Hobbes another solid notch in her quiver of appealing romances.  While I liked this one less than her phenomenal last novel, she still produces a fine romance that, even with its problems, will make readers happy.Back when they were kids, Rowenna – ...

A Runaway Bride for the Highlander

Sometimes there’s nothing better for the soul than a good, sweet romance about two people asserting their right to be in love and battling back the demons that threaten to keep them from being so.  Elisabeth Hobbes’ A Runaway Bride for the Highlander is the third book in the multi-author, cross ...