Books by Heidi Cullinan

Enjoy the Dance

I’ve been on an m/m kick lately, and when this book was offered for review, I signed up for it based on little more than the book blurb, cover (it’s pretty great) and a nagging suspicion I was familiar with the author.  After a bit of digging, I discovered Ms. Cullinan is the author of a book o ...

Love Lessons

Not only does serendipity happen, Cullinan says in her latest gay romance, but we have to be ready to clutch it, live it, and enjoy it, no matter how anally we've been trying to arrange ourselves and the world around us. College junior Walter Lucas is angry when he finds out he won't be able to l ...

Dance with Me

Cullinan delves into professional disappointment from two totally divergent viewpoints, one from a semi-professional football player and the other an internationally acclaimed ballet dancer. On the surface a man clad like a gladiator in football pads and gear and a man clad in tights and ballet slip ...