Books by Helen Simonson

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

Original Review: December 2015 Revised: March 2018 After having read more small English village stories and a few mid-20th century stories and then re-reading this book, I felt I came away understanding Major Pettigrew's character in more depth. Thus my assessment of him and the novel changed from ...

The Summer Before the War

Many, many novels have claimed to be “for fans of Downton Abbey.” Most of those tales do not live up to the hype but Helen Simonson’s The Summer Before the War, while making no such claim, actually delivers on that promise. Beginning, quite literally, in the summer of 1914, before war is decla ...

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

I read that Major Pettigrew's Last Stand was set in a small village in England, and I didn't read any further before getting the book. I'm a huge fan of Cranford and Grantchester and so many lovely small-village stories that the BBC is so good at producing. And Major Pettigrew's Last Stand does not ...