Books by Jodi Picoult

A Spark of Light

A Spark of Light is the latest novel from bestselling author Jodi Picoult. In it, the author explores the timely issue of women's reproductive health, and the way the pro-choice vs. pro-life debate impacts the lives of people everywhere. When a gunman bursts into a women's reproductive health cen ...

My Sister's Keeper

For the past three months I’ve been reading like a madwoman for the local library’s “Let It Snow” adult reading program. There are all these categories you have to read in order to qualify for the final drawing, and one of them is this year’s "One Book One County" selection: My Sister’s ...

Plain Truth

When a baby is born and found dead in the barn of the Amish Fisher family in Paradise, Pennsylvania, 18-year-old Katie Fisher is discovered bleeding. Though she denies not only the birth but the murder of the infant, it seems apparent to one and all that she is either deluded or a liar, the latter w ...