Books by Kimberly Belle

The Personal Assistant

The internet has made it hard to keep secrets, especially for celebrities. In The Personal Assistant, author Kimberly Belle tackles the question of just where the line between public discourse and private matters should be drawn for social media gurus - or if there even is one. Her first viral po ...

My Darling Husband

Jade Lasky knows she’s in danger. She has seen the guy with the scarred face and man bun far too often for it to be a coincidence. But when she calls her husband Cam to report her concerns, he is dismissive. Atlanta might not be a small town but Jade is a stay-at-home mom who follows the same rout ...

Dear Wife

If you're anything like me, you probably roll your eyes and heave a giant sigh whenever you hear a new book being called ‘the next Gone Girl’. Don't get me wrong, Gone Girl is fantastic, as are many of the novels that are compared to it, but few of these comparisons actually ring true for me. Bu ...