Books by Olivia Dade

Teach Me

One of the comforts of Romancelandia is that there is rarely anything new under the sun. Most books are exactly what they say on the tin and you know what you’re getting when you wade into the waters of that particular book. I don’t see this as a criticism, I see it as a strength. But it does ma ...

Driven to Distraction

It’s hard to resist trying a series called Lovestruck Librarians. Constance Chen, queen of the Bookmobile, constantly squabbles with Sam Wolcott from the IT department because as her best friend’s brother, she considers him off-limits, and their fighting is the only thing keeping them out of eac ...

Ready to Fall

Ready to Fall is an example of tropes done right. There are a ridiculous number of them on display in this eighty-five page novella, from the librarian looking for love to the damaged-by-previous-relationship hero, but the story uses them so well - and with a big dash of humor - that it all works. ...