Books by Sarah Dessen

Just Listen

Because I know I can count on Sarah Dessen, I pre-ordered Just Listen back in the winter when it first became available on Amazon. It arrived in April. I finally opened it this week. Why so long a wait, you might ask. Sometimes you have to have something on stand-by – a sure thing waiting in the w ...

The Truth About Forever

After reading a Sarah Dessen book, I always feel like I need to sit back and think about my own life and I how I can appreciate it more. Her writing makes me thoughtful. The Truth about Forever provoked the same reaction, and, as a bonus, it's her most romantic book yet. Several years previously ...

This Lullaby

This lullaby is only a few words A simple run of chords Quiet here in this spare room But you can hear it, hear it Wherever you may go I will let you down But this lullaby plays on. This Lullaby is the song that Remy's father wrote for her when he found out she was born. He never saw ...