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"Bad Romance" v. 854


I never really noticed how big Lady Gaga had become until now.  It just happened so quickly, so astronomically, so (insert choice of superlative)-ly, that I’m not sure I have any concept of it.

There is one benchmark, though: Everywhere I turn, I hear “Bad Romance.”  Radio, orchestral, university a cappella, brass band – you name it, and it probably exists.  Is there a greater indication of ubiquity and influence than all the different versions out there?  I’ve no idea whether there actually are over 800 versions, but honestly, in five or ten years, I wouldn’t be surprised.

There are some good ones, especially a cappella, but I think my favourite one is this one, sung by The Other Guys, about a really famous, really recent, but hopefully not actually bad romance.


– Jean AAR

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