Best biography you’ve ever read?

My serious book club–as opposed to our Good Time Book Club and my we only read books that make us glad to be alive Book Club is currently reading Barack Obama’s A Promised Land. You’d think we’d love it. We’re all Obama fans, the book has five full stars at Amazon from over 100K readers but… nope. Only two women, enviable overachievers both of them, have managed to finish this 753 page book. It’s just too long or too detail oriented or the sentences are too hard to follow or too something.

Memoirs and biographies are the best-selling genre of nonfiction print books and the second most popular in e-books. Currently, seven of the top best selling books on Amazon fall into that category. People are raving about Matthew McConaughey‘s Greenlights which for some reason amuses me–the book is a 4.5 star reading from over 35K readers.

I couldn’t get through A Promised Land. My daughter is still upset with me for not reading Becoming. In fact, the last biography I read all of is Girls Like Us and that was three years ago. The last memoir was Educated. (I loved both books.) It can’t be my fault, right? It must just be that I haven’t found the perfect book yet.

So help me out. What’s the best biography or memoir you’ve ever read? And what made it so damn great?

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