We all have books we love and turn to when we need a comfort read. I suspect most AAR readers could name five to ten books they’ve read many times and we’ve talked about those here at the ask@AAR before. But what about authors? And does that change over time?

I started thinking about this when, feeling stressed, I began to read, skipping from book to book, my favorite scenes from Susan Elizabeth Phillips Chicago Stars series. This time, however, her prose just wasn’t doing it for me. I have to confess I was somewhat shocked at this. I’ve been rereading those books since I first discovered them well over ten years ago. I’m not sure why they didn’t work for me and my response to them may change yet again in a less menacing time.

Instead, I’ve been rereading Meredith Duran and Sherry Thomas. And, now that I consider it, I’ve always reread Sherry Thomas (her romances, not the Lady Sherlock series). There’s an ease, I think, in living in the past these days and these two authors are sublime wordsmiths.

How about you? Are there authors whose canon you turn to again and again? Why?

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