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Cathay Pacific Woes

CathayPacific_LogoOut of all the airlines in the world, I fly Cathay Pacific the most because I have a lot – a LOT – of family who live there.  At one time Cathay was the only airline that offered direct flights from Toronto to HK, and the food was good, and they provided airline socks, and they became the only airline (that I’d flown) left that still had the foot rests.  So it became a favourite.  When I heard they were upgrading all the classes on their long-haul planes, you can bet I was excited.

And after this flight, two days ago, you can bet I’m disappointed.

I flew cattle class, of course, and the biggest improvement, supposedly, are these fixed-back bucket shells that allow you to move your chair without disturbing the person behind you.  The problem is, the way they do it is to shift the bottom of the seat forward.  Which shortens the already miniature leg room to miniscule.  And added to that, their so-called ergonomic chairs are lumpy and bloody uncomfortable.

Point number two.  Compared to other airlines, their food is far, far inferior.  You know, these aren’t the days where airplane food is compared to sewage.  It actually can be good, and for testament I point to Air Canada, Air France, and boy oh boy, Air New Zealand (triple points for the honeycomb ice cream).   But Cathay was greasy and gross.

Lastly.  They got rid of the foot rests.  ARGH!

Conclusion: Next time I buy a plane ticket, I’m not flying Cathay. 

– Jean AAR

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