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Wasted Weekend

sick pictureBeing sick stinks, especially when it’s your kids and when it ruins your weekend.  On Thursday, my youngest came home from school sick with a stomach virus.  From that point on, it has been shared by every member of my family except my husband.  Today, my oldest is home sick and I’m still recovering and missing another day of work.

Instead of doing what we’d planned for the weekend(visiting family, playing, and heading down to Destin, Florida for the day), we ended up stuck at home, inside, laying in bed, and not feeling like doing a great deal of anything.  The boys and I have survived on popsicles, Gatorade, and Sprite.   I can’t even get the little guys to do chicken soup.  I can’t wait for a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of coffee, and the ability to move without getting dizzy and sweating.  Also, I want my little boys to act like little boys again – loud and boisterous.

Not only do I feel guilty when my kids are sick, I also feel guilty about missing work.  In the world of pacing guides and AYP, there’s a great amount of pressure when you get behind and even though you try really hard, it’s almost impossible to catch up again.

Maybe I’ll get some papers graded today and maybe next weekend will be much better.  I hope so.  How do you handle being sick?

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