2020 may have turned out to be the Year from Hell, but the weeks and months seem to be passing as fast as ever and here we are at October, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the time when the nights really start drawing in and the weather takes a definitely cooler term. Traditionally, it’s the time we all start thinking about curling up somewhere warm with a good book, whether it’s one that will give us the warm fuzzies, or one that will keep us biting our nails or on the edge of our seats – and as usual, the AAR team have been combing through the lists of upcoming releases to see which books WE think are the most likely to keep us enthralled over the coming weeks. Drop by in the comments to let us know what YOU’RE most looking forward to reading in October!

Spoiler Alert  by Olivia Dade (6 Oct)

Olivia Dade is a new-to-me author, but the summary for this one caught my eye – Caz

A fanfic writer who becomes the subject of Internet hate because she dares to post her plus-size cosplay gets asked out by the actor who plays the hero IRL… and who is also, unbeknownst to her, a fanfic author himself. I have loved Olivia Dade in the past and expect great things here. – Caroline

There’s never been an unfun Olivia Dade book! – Lisa

I’ve been a fan of Olivia Dade since her Lovestruck Librarians series so I’ll pretty much read anything she puts out! – Maria Rose

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Mistletoe and Mr. Right by Sarah Morgenthaler (6 Oct)

Rich Lana is in town hunting her town’s cryptid (Santa Moose!) and her old crush, Rick, gets in the way – and becomes a big help – and much more! This sounds so cute. – Lisa

This is a new to me author and the story plot looks sweet and funny and I think we can all use some of that right now. – Maria Rose

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Murder on Cold Street by Sherry Thomas (6 Oct)

I’ve read this one and it’s another terrific instalment in the series… plus it delighted my shippy little heart ;)! – Caz

I love Sherry Thomas so very much, and am incredibly excited for her latest Lady Sherlock volume!  – Lisa

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The Vicar and the Rake by Annabelle Greene (12 Oct)

I’m always in the market for a good second-chance romance; this one promises a bit of adventure mixed in with the love story as a duke seeks to evade assassination by hiding out in the country and is reunited with his former love. –  Caz

A second chance historical romance between a vicar sworn to celibacy and his on-the-run, currently-feverish-and-in-need-of-nursing former love who happens to be a DUKE? It’s so nice to have an original premise pop up and this certainly seems like one. – Charlotte

I’m highly intrigued by the plot description! – Lisa

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The Secret One by Ruth Cardello (13 Oct)

Cardello has a DIK here for the first book in the Corisi Billionaires series (The Broken One), so I’m ready to give this series a try.  – Caroline

I love Cardello’s Corisi Billionaires so very much. A one-click buy for me. – Lisa

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A Princess for Christmas by Jenny Holiday (13 Oct)

A Christmas romance about a princess and a single-dad NYC cabbie. The author has a strong track record, and I always enjoy cross-class romances where the heroine is the rich one. – Caroline

I adore Jenny Holiday’s romances so very much; a cinderfella romance where the guy goes from rags to romantic riches? Sounds like fun! – Lisa

Jenny Holiday is an auto-read author for me, and I’m ready to get into the holiday spirit!- Maria Rose

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Daughters of Jublilation by Kara Lee Corthron (13 Oct)

Described as a book for readers who loved Dread Nation (check), this YA historical fantasy set in the Jim Crow south (check) stars a young black woman coming into her magic ability (check) while juggling family obligations and a burgeoning relationship with her crush (so many checks!!!!) – Caroline

I’ve read this one for the site and it’s incredibly good, with an unforgettable heroine – Lisa

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Sweet on You by Carla de Guzman (19 Oct)

de Guzman is a member of the online #RomanceClass community of romance writers from the Philippines, and I haven’t had a dud out of this crew yet. I’m thrilled for her that she’s gotten picked up by Harlequin. This story about two bakery/cafe owners competing for customers at Christmas looks like a delight. – Caroline

A cozy enemies-to-lovers contemp? I’m all ears! – Lisa

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Snapped by Alexa Martin (20 Oct)

I’ve really enjoyed Martin’s series of romances about the women and wives connected to a football team. The latest sounds like a gem too! – Lisa

Ms. Martin writes books which capture all the magic, heartache, joy and frustration that one imagines  falling in love with a professional football player would involve . It’s amazing  how she takes this fantasy and turns it into something real and romantic. – Maggie

Alexa Martin has a great writing style and her rom-com sport romances have become favourites of mine, guaranteed to make me laugh and root for the couple’s HEA. – Maria Rose

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If the Boot Fits by Rebekah Weatherspoon (27 Oct)

The PA of a snobby star takes her Oscar tickets when she’s felled by the flu and falls in love (and bed) with a Hollywood megastar when they meet at an afterparty, but when she accidentally takes his Oscar when she flees the scene the following morning, he sets out in persuit of her. Sounds like a wonderful romp! – Lisa

I really like the synopsis of this story, set on a ranch and with a Cinderella fairy tale twist. I’ve read and enjoyed this author in the past so I’m hoping for good things! – Maria Rose

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In the Deep by Loreth Anne White (27 Oct)

I’m a big fan of Loreth Anne White’s and a new release from her is always going to make its way into my TBR pile. – Caz

I adore Loreth Anne White’s special blend of heart-stopping suspense and relatable, swoonworthy romance, so a new release from her is always something to celebrate. Her novels often make my top reads of any given year so saying I’m excited for this one would be a huge understatement. – Shannon

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We’re also looking forward to…


They Told Me I Was Everything by Gregory Ashe (13 Oct)

ANOTHER new series from Gregory Ashe (honestly, does the man ever sleep?!) This is the first book in a series of four, and was actually released in serial format earlier this year, but I’ll be pleased to revisit it in a single volume. College student Auggie and English teacher Theo are thrown together when they end up being targeted by some very nasty people following the murder of another student. Set in and around Wahredua’s Wroxall College (which will be familiar to fans of the Hazard and Somerset series) this story is set a few years before Pretty Pretty Boys, and even includes a cameo appearance by Baby!Somers :)

Buy it at: Amazon

Stray Fears by Gregory Ashe (24 Oct)

Okay, so I think my brain imploded when I saw this at Amazon – another new release from Mr. Ashe this month?  It sounds like a pretty dark, gritty story and something a little different to the other books of his I’ve read.  But he hasn’t let me down yet, so I’m in.

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Feel the Fire by Annabeth Albert (26 Oct)

Book three in the Hotshots series, this is a second-chance romance between two guys who were high-school sweethearts until life got in the way. Full disclosure, I’ve read it and really liked it – it’s got a really ‘adult’ feel about it as the leads fall in love all over again, and work out if they can fit into each other’s lives..

Buy it at: Amazon/Indiebound

Bell, Book and Scandal by Josh Lanyon (31 Oct)

Rescheduled from earlier this year, book three in the Bedknobs and Broomsticks trilogy will, I hope, answer all those questions left unanswered in the previous instalments and bring Cosmo and John their well-deserved HEA.

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In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren (6 Oct)

I haven’t read any specific-time-of-year romances before, but because it’s CLo, I’ll give it a shot. – Charlotte

Buy it at: Amazon/Indiebound



Happily Letter After by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Advice Columnist plays matchmaker for a girl who writes in to match her single daddy. Très Sleepless in Seattle!

Buy it at: Amazon/Indiebound

Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams (27 Oct)

Adams’ Bromance Book Club series continues, with a computer security expert falling for a cat cafe owner and trying to figure out how to woo her. Bromance Book Club to the rescue!

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My Last Duchess by Eloisa James (27 Oct)

A regency “Yours Mine and Ours” sees a widowed heroine with one daughter marry a duke with eight kids. Sounds charming!

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The Virgin who Ruined Lord Grey by Anna Bennett (28 Oct)

The heroine’s out committing some cloak-and-dagger derring do to save their friend from jail – and is part of a finishing school which is actually a cover for something much cooler. The hero’s a Bow Street Runner. Let the games begin.

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Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell (13 Oct)

This author writes amazing, suspenseful, surprising mysteries. I strongly recommend her books to anyone who loves thrillers.- Maggie

Buy it at: Amazon/Indiebound

Maria Rose:

Simmer Down by Sarah Smith (13 Oct)

I like the idea of food truck rivals so I’m looking forward to this enemies to lovers type story, and also hoping for some delicious food descriptions!

Buy it at: Amazon/Indiebound



This Secret Thing by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen (1 Oct)

Marybeth Mayhew Whalen brings the American South to vivid life, never skimping on its complexities. Her stories are multi-faceted and filled with relatable characters, making her one of my favorite authors of general fiction. Needless to say, I was super excited to learn she had something new coming out, and I’ll be grabbing this one as soon as it becomes available.

Buy it at: Amazon/Indiebound

The Midnight Bargain by C.L. Polk (13 Oct)

I’m always on the lookout for well-written fantasy romances, and C.L. Polk has never let me down. This one is not part of her Kingston Cycle series, and while I’m sad not to be reunited with the characters from those books, I’m eager to get to know the new world she’s created.

Buy it at: Amazon/Indiebound

Reviving the Hawthorn Sisters by Emily Carpenter (20 Oct)

Gothic horror novels aren’t always what I’m in the mood for, but Emily Carpenter has managed to hook me in again and again. Her latest offering, Reviving the Hawthorn Sisters, looks like the perfect spooky fall read.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of available titles, just a selection made by AAR reviewers according to their personal tastes. Purchase links are given where available at time of writing.

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