I’ve just finished my annual re-read of Meredith Duran’s debut The Duke of Shadows. The first part is set in India during the ill-fated rebellion of 1857. The rebellion began in Delhi where Emma, the book’s damaged heroine, and Julian, the equally damaged hero, are. Duran shows us Delhi through Emma’s eyes and her descriptions of it are vivid, violent, and, appropriately, that of a stranger trying and failing to understand the real Jewel in the Crown. Duran is, for me, an author whose settings are transportive. Sherry Thomas does that too–it’s one of the reasons I read my favorite of their books again and again.

Last week, we asked about romances that created a strong sense of place in the United States. Today, we’re asking about the rest of the world. What romances immerse you in a foreign locale?

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