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Top Ten E-Books

November 27, 2006

We first attempted to poll for your top ten E-Books in October of 2006. However, because the two other categories being polled for at the same time were for Sexy Mainstream Books and Erotic Romances, confusion arose as to whether or not we were polling for all E-Books or just Erotic Romance E-Books. So we decided to poll again for the E-Book category, and though we anticipated an increase in votes, it didn’t happen. In fact, we didn’t get enough votes in this second polling to announce an entirely new set of results, particularly given that once again, all top ten titles were of the Erotic Romance variety. As a result, we’ve combined the results from the previous E-Books poll with the results from this one.

You voted for 437 different titles by 208 different e-book authors. All but two of the titles in the top ten (Tourist Attraction by Shelli Stevens, published by Cobblestone Press and Susanne Saville’s Vampire Close, published by New Concepts Publishing) were published by Ellora’s Cave.

Top Ten E-Book Titles
Combined Results
Results from First Poll
Elizabeth’s WolfLora LeighElizabeth’s WolfLora Leigh
Midnight ManLisa Marie RicePromises PrevailSarah McCarty
Promises PrevailSara McCartyPromises KeepSarah McCarty
Promises KeepSara McCartyTourist AttractionShelli Stevens
Liquid Dreams (Making Waves anthology)Cathryn FoxFeverKimberly Dean
FeverKimberly DeanLiquid DreamsCathryn Fox
Vampire CloseSusanne SavilleMidnight ManLisa Marie Rice
Promises LingerSara McCartyMirror of My SoulJoey Hill
Ice Queen
Tourist Attraction
Joey Hill
Sara McCarty
Promises LingerSarah McCarty
Full RideGail Faulkner

Many of the authors in your top ten numerous received votes for multiple titles. Lora Leigh, for instance, whose Elizabeth’s Wolf landed in the first spot, earned votes for thirteen other e-books. Midnight Man by Lisa Marie Rice, part of her Midnight series, finished in second place; four of her other titles also received votes in the poll.

Just one author landed in your top ten with more than one title – Sarah McCarty. Five of her Ellora’s Cave titles earned votes, and three from her RomanticaPromises series were popular enough to garner positions in the top ten. All three are now also available in print.

In addition to Liquid Dreams, two of Cathryn Fox’s other titles also received votes from AAR readers.

Kimberly Dean’s Fever landed in the sixth slot, and while not reviewed at AAR, it has been mentioned favorably by two of our staff. Former reviewer Ha Nguyenlisted it as one of her favorite contemporaries, and Laurie listed it as among just three Erotic Romance e-books she would recommend to any romance reader, regardless of how adventuresome they may be, when she wrote about her 2005 reading year.

Susan Saville’s Vampire Close is an Erotic Scottish vampire romance, and is still available in ebook format, and is currently part of the trade anthology The Crimson Close available from New Concepts Publishing.

At one point two of Joey Hill’s books were in the top ten, but by the time the last vote was counted, only one remained. Ice Queen is part of her Nature of Desireseries, and like most – if not all – of Hill’s books, features strong BDSM premises. All told, seven of her books received votes in the poll. Tied for ninth place with Hill’s book was Shelli Steven’s Tourist Attraction, currently available only in e-book format. Two of Ms. Steven’s other titles also received votes.

Several multi-title authors received numerous votes overall, but failed to place any individual title in the top ten. Among these authors are Ellora’s Cave founder Jaid Black, and Mandy Roth and Lauren Dane, both of whom write for Ellora’s Cave.

We invite you to consider these questions and post about these poll results:

  • If you read e-books, when did you start? How many of you have not yet tried an e-book?
  • If you read originally-published e-books, are most – if not all – Erotic Romances?
  • Now that many of the e-books can be found in print, will you be more likely to give them a try?

Lee Brewer, LinnieGayl, and Cindy Smith

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