A note from our pollsters, Lee, LinnieGayl and Cindy:   We would once again like to thank all of the authors who let their fans know about the latest poll on their blogs, Facebook pages, email lists, and by other means. Even more importantly, we would like to thank all of the AAR readers who took the time to fill out and send in a ballot. The Favorite Books by Favorite Authors feature remains a valuable resource at AAR, and we really appreciate your help in keeping the results fresh.

Without further ado, on to July’s poll results:

Elizabeth BevarlyElizabeth Bevarly’s top three books remained the same from 2006, though How to Trap a Tycoon, a DIK reviewed book, snuck into second place by one point. My Man Pendleton, a 1998 release, and co-winner for Favorite Funny of 1998 in AAR’s Annual Poll, remained in first place. You’ve Got Male and Fast and Loose, two of Ms. Bevarly’s latest books, also made the list.
Celeste BradleyCeleste Bradley’s top two vote getters also were the top two in 2006.   The Pretender, a 2003 release, remained in first place, while The Impostor – also a 2003 release and a DIK reviewed book – got second.  Her latest three books, The Duke Next Door, Desperately Seeking a Duke and Duke Most Wanted, are obviously a hit with her fans, as all three made the list.
Suzanne BrockmannWe last polled for Ms. Brockmann in 2006 and at that time Over the Edge, a DIK reviewed book and the Favorite Romance of 2002 in AAR’s Annual Poll, was in the top spot.  But this time Gone Too Far, another DIK reviewed book and voted Best Romance of 2003 in AAR’s Annual Poll, received the most votes.  Other DIK reviewed books making the list are The Unsung Hero, Hot Target, Out of Control, Prince Joe, Frisco’s Kid and The Defiant Hero. Interestingly, her three most recent books failed to crack the top 12, while on of her older books from the Tall, Dark, and Dangerous series – Frisco’s Kid – not only remained in the top 12, but moved up from twelfth to seventh place.
Candace CampCandace Camp is a new author to the Favorite Books by Favorite Author poll.  Ms. Camp’s latest book, The Courtship Dance, just missed out of the top spot to So Wild a Heart, a book published in 2002.  Swept Away, a DIK reviewed book originally published in 1999, also made the list.
Janet ChapmanJanet Chapman is another newbie to Favorite Books by Favorite Authors.  Her two DIK reviewed books, both published in 2003, are also the top two vote getters.
Loretta ChaseLord of Scoundrels, a DIK reviewed book and #1 in AAR’s Top 100 Romances Poll still rates as Ms. Chase’s fan favorite.  Don’t Tempt Me, just released this month and a DIK reviewed book, made a very strong showing, ending up in 8th place.  Other titles earning DIKs for Ms. Chase are Lord Perfect, Mr. Impossible, Your Scandalous Ways, The Last Hellion, Captives of the Night, and The Devil’s Delilah. Your Scandalous Ways was voted the best Historical Romance Not Set in the U.K. for 2008, while Mr. Impossible, the third place finisher, was voted the Best Romance of 2005 in AAR’s Annual Poll.
Anne GracieTallie’s Knight dropped from first place in 2006 to sixth place, while The Perfect Rake, previously in second place, moved up to claim first place in readers’ affection. The Stolen Princess and His Captive Lady, Ms. Gracie’s latest two books, are newbies to her list, as are The Perfect Stranger and The Perfect Kiss.  Four of Ms. Gracie’s books have been reviewed as DIKs:  The Perfect Waltz, Tallie’s Knight, Gallant Waif and An Honorable Thief.
Lorraine HeathLorraine Heath’s readers like her new and her old books.  Texas Destiny, originally published in 1997 and a DIK reviewed book, was the top vote getter in 2006 and three years later, it still remains her fans’ favorite.  New titles made strong appearances though, including In Bed with the Devil and Between the Devil and DesireTexas Glory, Always to Remember, A Rogue in Texas and Never Love a Cowboy are Ms. Heath’s other DIK reviewed books.
Sherrilyn KenyonThree of Ms. Kenyon’s books are newcomers to her favorites:  Acheron, Devil May Cry and The Dream HunterUnleash the Night, a DIK reviewed book, fell a few places from the last poll, while Dance with the Devil, a 2003 release, moved into the top spot this go-round.
Barbara MetzgerMs. Metzger’s list is quite different from 2006 as some old favorites as well as new titles have made the list.  Two of her latest books, The Wicked Ways of a True Hero (a 2009 release) and The Hourglass (a 2007 release), scored quite well considering Ms. Metzger’s extensive backlist, including Miss Lockharte’s Letters, which was published in 1998.
Kasey MichaelsMs. Michaels writes in a variety of genres, Regency, contemporary and mystery, and all are reflected in her favorite titles.  Her 2004 release, The Butler Did It, which was in fifth place when we polled in 2006, jumped to the top of the list this year.  Everything’s Coming Up Rosie, a 2006 release, is a new addition to the list as well as a DIK reviewed book.
Lisa Marie RiceFans really like 2004 release Midnight Man, as it remains Ms. Rice’s favorite book, as it was in 2006.  New titles to Ms. Rice’s list include Dangerous Lover, Dangerous Secrets and A Fine SpecimenMidnight Run is a DIK reviewed book.
Elizabeth ThorntonMs. Thornton’s new list includes two books recently published when we polled for her in 2006:  The Bachelor Trap and The Marriage Trap.  And Velvet is the Night, first published in 1992, joined other fan favorites from the last poll.  Almost a Princess, The Bride’s Bodyguard and You Only Love Twice are all DIK reviewed titles.

Look for another Favorite Books by Favorite Authors poll in August.

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