51OxS6IeOkL._SS500_July and August in Oklahoma can be particularly hard to bear with temperatures hovering around the 100 degree mark and more days than not of high humidity.  I just want to stay in and ignore the fact that my garden still needs tending or my dog needs walking.  But gardener and responsible owner that I am, I trek out into the heat anyway and find, yet again, an audiobook to be the perfect distraction.  I’ve had some real luck with my summer listening choices and books such as Linda Howard’s Burn, Anne Stuart’s Ice Storm, and Rachel Gibson’s Tangled Up in You have helped me make it through the heat quite effectively.

Next week I plan to start listening to the first four books in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series once again – first, for the pure enjoyment and second, in preparation for an upcoming column dedicated to this highly favored series of audiobooks.  It’s 159 hours of hearing Davina Porter’s delightful voice but should be much easier this time around since I will be listening on my iPod rather than exchanging one cassette tape after another…after another…after another.  I plan to give myself a couple of months to complete this pleasurable task since I will be listening to other audiobooks as well.  If you have not yet experienced this wonderful series, you may want to start your listening soon since I can almost guarantee that you will be eager to share your thoughts with others.

July’s Leftovers

Most challenging when compiling a list of upcoming audiobook releases is the lack of reliable “Coming Soon” announcements, particularly from Audible which is my usual source.  My morning ritual of looking for the latest in audiobook releases still yields a significant number of surprises despite a diligent search of upcoming releases only weeks earlier.  Below are a few of Audible’s July romance audiobooks, in no particular order, that didn’t make our July list but certainly merit mentioning.

Hunter, Madeline – Lessons of Desire

Ward, J R – Lover Awakened: Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3

Putney, Mary Jo – Loving a Lost Lord

Dahl, Victoria – Start Me Up

Mallery, Susan – Straight from the Hip

Davidson, MaryJanice –  Undead and Unwelcome: Queen Betsy, Book 8

Hart, Megan – Deeper

Ross, Joann – Crossfire

Showalter, Gina – The Darkest Prison

MacAlister, Katie – Holy Smokes: Aisling Grey, Guardian, Book 4

51hSRoKy3ZL._SS500_Audiobook Romances on Sale in August

Note: Included in the unabridged list are those books with unknown.


Castle, Jayne – Obsidian Prey

Feehan, Christine – Dark Slayer

Gregory, Philippa – The White Queen: A Novel

Hamilton, Laurell K – Guilty Pleasures

Macomber, Debbie – 92 Pacific Boulevard

Macomber, Debbie – Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove CD Collection 1: 16 Lighthouse Road, 204 Rosewood Lane, 311 Pelican Court

Macomber, Debbie – Wyoming Brides

Rice, Luanne – The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners


Aarsen, Carolyne – The Price of Fame

Ashley, Jennifer – Immortals: The Redeeming (format unknown)

Bangs, Nina – Eternal Pleasure (format unknown)

Castle, Jayne – Obsidian Prey

Cook, Gloria – A Stranger Light

Crossland, Glenice – The Ever Open Door (format unknown)

Dickey, Eric Jerome – Resurrecting Midnight

Feehan, Christine – Dark Slayer

Haggard, Sir H. Rider – Marie

Hamilton, Laurell K – Guilty Pleasures

Hamilton, Laurell K – The Laughing Corpse

Johnson, Milly – A Spring Affair (format unknown)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Bad Moon Rising

Klein, Zoe – Drawing in Dust

Larkin, Mary – Painful Decisions

Lofts, Norah – A Rose for Virtue (format unknown)

Macomber, Debbie – 92 Pacific Boulevard

Macomber, Debbie – Wyoming Brides

Debbie Macomber, Cathy Lamb, Judy Duarte & Mary Carter – Almost Home

Mallin, Gail – A Most Unsuitable Duchess (format unknown)

Manby, Chris – Crazy in Love

Morrissey, Di – Tears of the Moon (format unknown)

Quick, Amanda – Scandal

Rinehart, Mary Roberts – The Amazing Interlude

Rose, Karen – I Can See You

Wilson, C L – Lady of Light and Shadows (format unknown)

Please share with us other August audiobook romances you may know of and we will add those books to this list prior to publishing it on AAR’s main site.  You may notice books that are already offered in audio format but hold a place on this list because a new format is now available (abridged versus unabridged, CD, or download).  Also, if you see any book that is not a romance, please let us know.   And finally, release dates change so we ask that you be forgiving of exact dates.

Time for Your Thoughts

What August releases are you looking forward to?

What have you listened to lately and do you recommend it?

What topics do you want to see in our audio discussions?

Happy summer listening.  See you again in August.

-Lea Hensley

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