A few weeks after I first posted about my recent discovery of The Vicar of Dibley, my local PBS station dropped the show. I couldn’t believe it.

Thanks to comments from AAR readers, I now knew that Geraldine (played by the marvelous Dawn French) eventually meets, and marries, Richard Armitage (well, the character he plays). I began watching numerous clips of the show on YouTube,  But it wasn’t quite the same.

I decided to keep the series recording set on my DVR, just in case my PBS station put the show back on. A couple days ago I was checking through my saved records, and there it was. The Vicar of Dibley was back, and I now had a new episode to watch, entitled, “The Handsome Stranger.” Wonder of wonders, my PBS channel started the series back up again with the show in which Geraldine meets Harry!

I can hardly wait for the next episode.