Shrek the Third - Prince Charming - 04Now, I know you can interpret the title two ways: One, I really need to get out more; or Two, I’m incredibly shallow.  But the truth is plain and simple – a good haircut makes me feel like a million dollars.  I was, literally, bouncing out of the hairdresser’s.  I was doing the hair swish thing (see Prince Charming).  I was looking in store windows to check it out.  I was having my moment of supreme vanity.

Of course, it doesn’t last.  No matter how much I contort myself I’ll never get it as good as my hairdresser does (Dee – Your hands are magic).  But a good cut does wonders (I have a sort of shoulder-length shaggy layered thing going on), and I’m left feeling confident for another 10 weeks (or so).

How often do you go to the hairdresser?  Are you a keep it simple person, or the whole works kind?  Do you have any life-changing styles?  (Mine is the side part.)

– Jean AAR

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I live in Seattle, Washington and work as a legal assistant. I remember learning to read (comic strips) at a young age and nowadays try to read about 5-6 books a week. I love to travel, especially to Europe, and enjoy exploring smaller towns off the tourist track though London is my favorite city in the world.