High concept TV is…?

I am three episodes into HBOMax’s mini-series, Station Eleven, based on the award winning and best selling novel by Emily St. John Mandel. I haven’t read the book, which, I suspect, would help me better understand its intricate and somewhat obscure plot. The show, thus far, is wistful, desperate, and hauntingly lovely. AND, it’s somewhat hard to make sense of.

I confess it has been a bit since I’ve watched what I think of as art or high concept TV. It’s possible I never recovered from the betrayal of David Lynch’s viciously nonsensical season two of Twin Peaks. As the years have passed, I’ve become less able to sit through things that I can’t understand–my children keep telling me I’d love Westworld but when they try to explain it to me, I sense I’d just be frustrated with its logic.

How about you? Do you watch high-concept TV? Is that even a thing? And please, don’t spoil Station Eleven for me! Though I don’t really understand it at this point, I am definitely drawn into its realm.

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