I will be 61 next month–woo hoo! I was discussing my life with my daughter and when I referred to myself as an old lady, she said that was absurd. “You’re, like, middle-aged, Mom,” she said. I said, nope, middle age is typically considered the label for those 40 to 60. She just shook her head.

I do think of myself as old, but, honestly, not THAT old. Like, not old like my mom who is a total boss at 85. (It’s my hope that when I’m THAT old, I’ll be as active as is she.) Because, once you’ve passed middle age, you’re in old age. There is no early old age or late middle age.

It’s definitely a good time to be in one’s 60s. Granted, I can’t dance like Madonna (age 63), sing like Sade (age 62), act like Emma Thompson (age 63), and I sure don’t look like Michelle Pfeiffer (age 63), but the fact that they and many more women are still killing it in the public eye, makes me happy. (I am a bit intimidated by women like Kathy Jacobs, however, who modeled for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue last year at age 57. I suspect I’d have to give up cream in my coffee and wine and do nothing but work out and, really, who wants to live like that?)

How about you? What do you call people in the 60s?

I’m going to continue to call myself a cranky old lady. If the shoe fits, right? Here’s to the little old ladies!



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