I’ve been on a cleaning/reorganizing frenzy over the past few weeks. Finally, yesterday, I began to clean out my bedroom closet. I was positive, that by the time I reached the back of the closet (and it’s a big one), I would find all of my missing socks.

You know what I mean, those odd, stray socks, that disappear each time you do the laundry. Usually it’s only one sock a load at the most, but over time, they add up. At the point I started my cleaning project, I had over 20 sock singletons. I’ve spent a lot of time blaming my poor cat Princess for the missing socks. She does like to drag socks under the bed, in corners, and even behind her litter box. But, I’ve now cleaned in all of those places, and no socks were to be found.

In fact, despite a thorough cleaning of virtually every place in my home that the socks could have gone, the majority of them are still missing. Now, thanks to the wonders of You Tube, I at least have something other than Princess to blame.

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My first memory is sitting with my mother on a blanket in our backyard surrounded by books and she is reading one of them to me. My love of reading was encouraged by my parents and it continues to today. I’ve gone through a lot of different genres over the years, but I currently primarily read mysteries (historical mysteries are my favorites) and romances (focusing on contemporaries, categories, and steampunk). When I’m not reading or working, I love to travel, knit, and work on various community projects.