244qyxeGod help me, I’m watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The Heidi-Spencer drama (two of the most pointless people ever in the history of the world – right up there with Paris Hilton) caught my attention and this week – God help me – I watched two episodes.

Self-absorbed, vapid people = good TV experience when summer TV kind of sucks, you know?

Anyway, love Lou Diamond Phillips.  And the Baldwin brothers.  And who knew Sanjaya was so sweet? Who didn’t know that Janice Dickinson is a sociopath?

I also caught the first episode of Royal Pains on USA. The lead is appealing and there might be something there in the adventures of a do-gooder who somehow finds himself working as a “concierege doctor” for the rich folks in the Hamptons.  I can always use a another dysfunctional rich people show so I don’t have to feel so bad about not being rich and this one looks promising.

Ghost Hunters ended their latest run a few weeks ago until September, but, in the meantime, Ghost Hunters International picks up in July. Ghost Adventures, the macho, extreme version of Ghost Hunters which I find almost ridiculously watchable, kicked off a new summer season last night.  It’s on my TiVo waiting to go.

But, even though I’ve been reduced to watching “celebrities” compete in stupid tasks in the Costa Rican jungle, things are about to pick up tomorrow night when – you guessed it – True Blood returns on HBO.  Every piece on the show I’ve seen seems to be reinforcing over and over again “more Eric this year.”  It’s nice to know they listened and want us to know it.

At least there will be True Blood to tide us over, because sadly we’re going to have to wait until August 16th for the return of my favorite TV show right now:  Mad Men.  Along with the announcement of the premiere date, this intriguing photo was released.  About all we can learn from this one is that we’re forward at least eight months in time from where they left us last year, which would put the time at about June of 1963.

Methinks we’ll also probably get to November 1963.  Which would be a nice symmetrical ending with season two, yes?

-Sandy AAR

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