harrypotterteamugSince I was forced to give up my Diet Coke addiction four years and seven months ago (yes, I’m still counting, and still get the cravings at odd moments), I’ve become a devoted tea drinker. I won’t begin to call myself a tea aficionado, because truly, I just don’t like a lot of the fancier, more exotic (expensive) blends.

I’ve tried and rejected a number of white and red teas. They’re interesting, but just don’t fit my need for tea. And while I’ve read about the purported health benefits of green tea, I don’t find it palatable without tons of other flavorings, which probably dilutes the health benefits. I do find peppermint tea comforting when I’m feeling a little sick, and also enjoy some spiced/herbal mixes on a cold winter evening. But on a day-to-day basis, I want a good cup of black tea.

On the weekends, I enjoy making a pot of tea from loose tea leaves, but on weekday mornings I just don’t have the time. So, I fire up my electric kettle and make a mug (or two, or three) of tea using tea bags.

I’m currently fixated on Earl Grey tea, and have tried a number of different brands. If you’re not a tea drinker, let me tell you now that all Earl Grey teas are not alike. I tried the Republic of Tea’s Earl Greyer, but found it far too strong for my taste. I’ve also tried Brewley’s Earl Grey and had to reject it for the strong floral scent. I currently have boxes of Twinings and Stash Earl Grey at home, and like both of them. I also have a very special tin of Fortnum and Mason Earl Grey. It costs a pretty penny to have it shipped from the UK, but is truly fantastic.

Although I still have those cravings for Diet Coke, there’s something far more comforting about a nice cup of tea in the morning than a quick swig of Diet Coke. Are you a tea drinker? If so, what are your favorite types? And am I missing out on a wonderful brand of Earl Grey?


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