t1larg.steve.jobs.tablet.giI’ve had a crush on Steve Jobs for 20 years.

But, Steve, my man, you muffed it on the name.  Big time. Because only one thing comes to mind when women hear the word “pad” and a computer isn’t it.

But you know, Steve is a rockstar.  Always has been.  Always will be.  I suspect that after a whole lot of cheap iPenis jokes, we’ll all get over it.

Back when I got my first job at an ad agency, one of the things I remember doing on my very first day was to sit down at my original Mac Classic and spend a half hour or so on a a “How To Use a Mouse” tutorial.  Because, believe it or not, back in those days most people didn’t have  a clue.

Another memory?  Circa 1993 or so for some mysterious reason I remember asking someone, “what’s a home page?”  Because, believe it nor not, back in those days most people didn’t have a clue.

The whole world has changed so much in my lifetime that sometimes it astonishes me.  And no company is better at leading the world in innovation than Apple.

You’d have to be living under the proverbial rock to have missed all the hype about the announcement of the new Apple Tablet.  Which, according to all the breathless reports, was going to revolutionize the ebook biz.

Watching the event live and reading a fair bit of the online coverage after, I just don’t see that.

Of course, reading isn’t as sexy as video games, movies, photos, and surfing the Web, so I guess it’s to be expected that the book side of the announcement was…well, not freakin’ much.

Because it was totally not freakin’ much.  You can read ebooks on the iPad.  Whoopdedoo!

My takeaway?  Despite Steve Jobs’ magnificent showmanship, it works like an iPhone.  Only it’s bigger. And faster. (Though the second generation iPhone wasn’t one bit faster than the first – despite all the hype.) And, gee, correct me if I missed something, but where was the Kindle app?  Hello, I love, love, love being able to read on both my Kindle and my iPhone and have them sync automatically.  No Kindle App is a deal breaker.

And you know what?  My iPhone fits in my pocket.  Despite hearing a news anchor say that the iPad puts the whole world “in the palm of your hand,” the only palm I can think of that the iPad might fit is King Kong’s.  Maybe.

The price is better than I expected, but, hello, AT & T monthly data charges as well?  Kindle wireless is free.

Bottom line for me?  I can’t use it for work.  I’m already set on the e-reader front.  So, unless Apple works some powerful mojo over the next few months, for now I’m passing.

But Apple makes mojo.  Powerful mojo.  And, if past performance is any indication, it works on me.  Oh, yeah, it does.

What about you? You buying or passing?

– Sandy AAR

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