425adjhnktpplcvruscvr051309First of all, I’ve never made a regular habit of watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, that adorable Learning Channel show in which the adorable couple raise their adorable twins and adorable sextuplets.

But you’d have to be living under the proverbial rock to have missed the sordid state their marriage has come to. And, yes, I’ve gotten caught up in it, god help me.

If you were lucky enough to spend the last  few months away from the media maelstrom, here are the headlines:  He’s screwing a 23 year-old. She’s doing her bodyguard.  And the country, my god, the entire country, is capitivated.

Here’s what bugs me:  The tone the media takes about Kate.  She’s a harpy, she led Jon to this because she is, apparently, an emasculating, ball-busting bitch.  Oh, and her haircut is really bad, too.

See, I knew this Hillary thing was a rocky slope.  Things were said about her during the campaign – and I’m talking about major media types like Keith Olbermann – and there’s no going back to more civilized times. Once that damn was burst, the kind of sexism I haven’t seen in years has once again become mainstream acceptable.

I didn’t watch the show for more than a few minutes at a time now and then, so I am shooting out of my ass here.  Maybe she’s a bitch.  (Maybe that’s got something to do with the fact that she’s the one with primary responsibility for eight children, but, hey, what do I know?) But Jon – yes, he of the hollow eyes and no balls – is a grownup who chose to have multiple children.  I watched the show on Monday night and it’s perfectly clear that he’s disengaged from the family. (Hey, Jon, you’ve got eight children. Disengaging is not an option.)

Major media coverage!  Major ratings!  (And, okay, hypocrisy alert:  I watched it, too.)

And then this on the People.com Web site:  You, the cable-grazing American TV viewer, are invited to vote on whether or not you think Jon and Kate will make it.

Can anybody say gladiators?

I know that raising eight children is hideously expensive and I’m willing to bet that money played as big a role in their decision to star in a reality TV show as Kate’s ruthless quest for stardom (or so the story goes).  

But Jon got in that boat with both eyes wide open and right now I don’t like him.  Not one little bit. In fact, I’m cheering Kate on as she goes straight for his balls. Have fun, dear.

Rant over.

-Sandy AAR

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