Rob Pattinson Takes It Off!So yesterday Twitter and the rest of the internets were burning up with this news: Edward, shirtless.

And the crowd goes wild!

My little celebrity crush on Mr. Pattinson has gotten a bit out of hand in recent days, nourished by youtube interviews and Cannes photos, but all I have to say here is:

Airbrushed or no, this boy has been working out.   He looks a hell of a lot better than he did in those naked stills from Little Ashes (A film I actually have no desire to see, hinging on it does on a frustratingly doomed obsession; plus, the reviewers seem most underwhelmed).

But who cares about Little Ashes when we have so many more Robert Pattinson movies being filmed in the near future: Remember Me this summer, then Eclipse, then Unbound Captives (where Rob will go Comanche), then Bel Ami (featuring a charming, ruthless social climbing manipulator Rob).

Oh, so many good things to look forward to!  As if the blessings of today were not enough.

–AAR Rachel

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