One of the things I love most about reading and writing is the power of words to invoke change. Stories can inspire and move people to action. Not that every book has to be deep and soul changing. Even a funny, fluffy book can leave a positive message. I just finished a light-hearted Christmas themed romance that made me think about the importance of family and living for the moment.

When I began writing After All, I had no idea the main plot would lead to a secondary story about a pregnant teenager, Whitney, who came from an abusive home. The first two books in my Warriors of the Heart series are emotionally driven, and I wanted After All to deliver the same deep feelings. After I finished writing the story, I was left with a longing to help children who find themselves in less than loving homes, like Whitney. So when I heard about the CASA organization, I wanted to learn more.

CASA stands for ‘court appointment special advocate.’ A CASA volunteer is assigned to advocate for one child who is under the protection of the court. The volunteer serves as the eyes and ears of the court. They report to the presiding judge on the child’s needs and advocates for the child’s best interest.

Last week, I attending my first CASA volunteer training session. It was the first in a 9-week series of classes. I’m very excited to learn and grow as a member of our society, as well as help a child in need. CASA has chapters all over the country and each one is always in need of committed volunteers.

I hope as an author, I not only provide a good story to my readers but move their hearts. Even if my books inspire a kind word or two to someone in need of love, I feel my job is well done.

After All is available on April 18. Visit Laurie Winter at to learn more about the Warriors of the Heart series.

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