Hundreds of you have voted and we are slowly sorting through thousands of write-ins. (Big thanks to our staff!)

Round One will close on Sunday at midnight EST. If you’ve not yet voted, please do. Remember to do the whole poll including the write-in section.

Here again are the rules:

Round 1: Select as many books as you want from the list provided. It is meant to just be a starting point. There are fifty books on it–the list will ultimately have 100 books. Then, in the write-in section, enter up to ten books that are NOT on the current list you think must be. All book choices will be given one vote so a write-in has just as much weight as one on the list.

Round 2: The nominations from you, our faithful community, will be provided to be voted on.

Round 3: The ranking begins…

Round 4: Once the Top 100 is established, we’ll give you a final chance to rank the Top 10. This will be the only time your vote will be restricted to 1 book.

Spread this thing far and wide – we want it to be as reflective of Romancelandia in 2018 as it can be.

Ready to vote? Start here.

Disclaimers: We’re aware this process is not perfect, and that there will be many contested rankings. We are a site run by volunteers, and there are limits to how much we can scientifically control a poll of this fashion. We thank you for both your participation and your patience.

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