ericclapton_579_18564667_0_0_7001932_300I have no TV at home.  I also have no flatmates, a very crappy radio, and tonnes of books.  So to scatter amongst the reading and incessant laptop movie-watching, I decided (amongst other reasons) to pick up the guitar.

The bad stuff: My fingers hurt.  They have semi-permanent lines on them.  I have cramps in my left hand.  I have to cut my nails (sob).  And holy hell, some of the chords drive me insane.

The good stuff: My previous music training really helps.  It’s super fun.  And I can now play a portable music instrument (cause the piano sure as hell ain’t portable).

It’s nice to play an instrument that’s somehow more accessible than classical piano, which is a bit, well, classical, right?  But guitar is fun.  Guitar can play Jingle Bells and Vivaldi and Tears in Heaven.  Guitar, in short, speaks to everyone.

All good.

Anything new you’ve picked up that has opened another venue of conversation with people?

– Jean AAR

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I live in Seattle, Washington and work as a legal assistant. I remember learning to read (comic strips) at a young age and nowadays try to read about 5-6 books a week. I love to travel, especially to Europe, and enjoy exploring smaller towns off the tourist track though London is my favorite city in the world.