rickbaylessIt was a big week for reality TV fans like me, with, for the most part, a lot of good things happening.

I was very happy that Rick Bayless won Top Chef Masters, but was disappointed that Hubert Keller finished in third place. The finale was enjoyable, with the finalists being challenged to create a meal representing their life with food. And their final meals? Oh my! I would love to have been at that table to taste some of their creations.

The regular version of Top Chef also returned this week, this time set in Las Vegas. So far no obvious picks for me, but it looks like an interesting season.

I was very nervous about the premier of Project Runway this past Thursday evening on Lifetime. I think they did something very clever in having an all-star version — Project Runway: Star Challenge — appear immediately before the premier. Featuring some of the most popular, and most controversial designers from past seasons on Bravo, this was a clear shout out to viewers that, “we’re still the same, just on a different network.”

In the midst of these fun reality TV events, came the announcement of the celebrities for the fall season of Dancing With the Stars. The best I can say of the lineup is that I’m underwhelmed. But really, Tom DeLay? Donnie Osmond? Ugh! There’s no one I really care about, and am seriously thinking of not watching this season.

What about you? Any good reality TV happenings? And what about the Dancing With the Stars lineup?

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