international-flagsThe subject of national pride has been on my mind of late.  There is the obvious, which concerns the Olympics and the overwhelming, all-consuming, fountain-spouting, arms-waving ecstasy at Canada’s double hockey gold medals.  There’s a lot of Canadian pride out there at the moment, despite a government proposal to politically correct a line in our national anthem (which, by the way, I think is dumb and a half).

Then there was the news that Russia has fired their Olympic committee head (or, sorry, he resigned) after perceived disastrous results at the Olympics.  Poor bastard.  Since when is a committee ultimately responsible for individual athletes’ performances?  And if you think firing the scapegoat will make your country feel better, you’re nuts.  Still, it speaks something for the pride Russia has in their winter sports prowess. 

And then there’s Haiti.  The damage is unspeakable, the suffering unimaginable, and this is a wound that will remain open for years to come.  But in the midst of their suffering, grief, and sorrow, I think the Haitians have more love for their country than ever.

The other day I had cause to watch this video clip of the Welsh singing their national anthem, and it’s  phenomenal how much pride and gusto they put into it.  At a rugby game.  Chills down the spine, indeed.

Where do you come from?  And can you count the ways in which you love your country?

– Jean AAR

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