mayorandsnakeI’m going to admit something  I probably shouldn’t.  I love small town festivals and my very favorite is the Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo in Opp, Alabama.  Yep, a festival dedicated to rattlesnakes.  Quite odd, but certainly enjoyable.  Now, it’s not the rattlesnakes that I enjoy – it’s the arts and crafts, food, music, and other activities that encourage me to make the trip back home the first weekend of April every year.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this year due to prior commitments and I’m extremely disappointed since it’s the festival’s 50th Anniversary.

Growing up in Opp, attendance was almost a rite of passage.  There are pageants to crown a Rattlesnake queen, snake races (seriously – I’m not kidding), buck dancing contests and huge concerts both nights of the festival.  It’s quite the event. 

Sadly, I must admit that the thing I’ll probably miss most are the funnel cakes.  Since I’ve admitted my deep, dark secret, I hope that someone else will admit to enjoying the local flair of festivals near them too!

AAR Heather

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