When I’m asked to describe the idea behind One Summer Night, I say that it’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet story, but with a happier ending. It is a romance after all!

I was a teen when I discovered Shakespeare’s tale of woe and something about it appealed to me . . . until everyone died at the end. I guess it was the fact that Juliet seemed to be a typical teen just like me at the time. And like Juliet, I was very much beginning to notice boys but I had very strict parents, so any boy was likely the “wrong guy” in their minds. Of course, not like Juliet’s totally wrong guy.

Every time I read the play or saw a movie version, I always wanted to rewrite the ending and when the heroine in One Summer Night popped into my head and wouldn’t let up, I knew it was time to write that a story with the ending I’d always dreamed about.

In One Summer Night, the heroine is Maggie Sinclair and she is spunky and determined to save her family’s Fifth Avenue store chain. To do that she needs lots of cash and the only person who can help her is sexy real estate tycoon Owen Pierce. There’s just one big problem: The Sinclair and Pierce families have had a bitter feud going on for close to twenty years. Or maybe it’s better to say that Maggie and Owen’s fathers have had that conflict since Maggie and Owen would love to bring the feud to an end.

With sizzling attraction happening between them, they agree on a plan to get married so that Owen can lend Maggie the money she needs. There’s just one hitch: if she can’t turn around the stores, she has to sell Owen some of the properties on which the stores are located. That’s just what Owen’s dad wants since he feels Maggie’s father stole those properties from him years earlier.

But just like in Romeo and Juliet, the path of true love isn’t an easy one. With Shakespeare’s characters it was a secret marriage and with Maggie and Owen a marriage of convenience to cement their business deal. But it’s a marriage with secrets also. When those secrets emerge, it’s bound to cause problems for the future, but luckily, Maggie and Owen don’t have to rely on a friar with a donkey to communicate what they’re really feeling for each other.

Just like in Romeo and Juliet there is a cast of characters helping out the star-crossed lovers. In One Summer Night, they’re fun, quirky, loyal, and having their own romantic ups and downs (mostly downs! LOL!). I hope you’ll enjoy them as well since their stories will be out next year! What Happens in Summer, Connie and Jonathan’s story, will be available in late Spring 2018. A Sea Kiss Summer (tentative title) will be out in Fall 2018.

Thanks so much for coming by and thanks to All About Romance for sharing their blog with me!

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