A long time ago in a far-off galaxy … you nominated some books for five of AAR’s Special Titles Listings. And then … nothing. Several months of nothing, and then more than a year. We apologize most sincerely. But – we are glad to announce that finally the revised versions of Scots & Irish Romances, Teachers and Governesses, Villains, Beta Heroes, and Favorite Funnies are online.

The main reasons for this delay are two: Last year, all of us who work on the Special Titles Listings were struck with a hefty dose of real life. Nothing bad, but a lot of stuff that was extremely time-consuming. So with a sigh, we put aside our work on the list. And then came the period during which material was being prepared for the new site. We felt we’d prefer to publish the revised lists at a point when the new site was already launched.

Anyway, here are the new lists, which we hope you’ll enjoy. As you can see, we have added some titles that were only published late in 2015 or in 2016 (nominated by AAR staff), and we hope that you will get some pointers to the sort of book that you like from these.

In addition, we are opening two other lists: Courtroom Dramas and Reunited. Reunited was last revised in 2012, but as it is a very popular trope, we hope for some excellent nominaitons from you. After all, what is not to love about two people who were in love, but lost sight of each other, and now meet again to find out whether they have a second chance at love?

Courtroom Dramas was last opened in 2010, so even if it is not so common, we hope that in the meantime you have come across some books that you would like to see on this list, too. The thrill of the courtroom situation, where it’s not just the happy ending that is at stake, but also justice as such, translates perhaps more easily to the screen, but I remember reading some books that used this trope that had me biting my finger-nails.

Just as a reminder: As always, any book that goes on these lists should be the best of the best (A or B at AAR, or an equivalent grade at a reputable romance review site), or if it’s an older book, it should have stood the test of time and still be enjoyable as it was back when it was written. In addition, it needs to fit the category for which they are submitted.

Here is the link to the ballot. We’re glad to be back and are looking forward very much to your submissions!

~ Rike Hortsmann and LinnieGayl Kimmel

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