Read any mesmerizing mysteries lately?

I’d been in a bit of a reading slump when the upcoming thriller by the always good Clare Macintosh hit my iPad. Hostage is a page turner, the sort of book one happily ignores one’s loved ones to figure out HOW IT ALL ENDS.  (It comes out in June and I can’t wait for everyone to read it.)

After I finished it–in don’t bother me, I’m reading 48 hours–I craved that rush again so, like any sane person, I turned to AAR’s Powersearch. This led me to Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter, an author I’d never read.  I inhaled it as well. I was struck by the precision of Slaughter’s prose and, after reading several reviews of her Will Trent books here, I picked up the first one, Triptych.

24 hours later–those dishes can wait–I downloaded the next book in the Will Trent series, Fractured. I don’t want to quit reading it either but someone has to walk Sophie and write these posts! (It is fair to say, however, that Sophie is very disappointed with me the length of today’s walks….)



The past year has been a good one for me for mystery and thriller reading. Tana French’s The Searcher is one of her best which is saying something. American Dirt is a page turner and one that made me think. I reread In Cold Blood which remains the best true crime novel I’ve ever encountered. Mysteries, along with romance, have always been my favorite genre fiction.

How about you? Read any thrilling thrillers or mesmerizing mysteries recently?

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