AAR staff have been making plans to be their best reading selves in 2018. Here are some of our reading resolutions:

Caroline: My resolution is to reread books that have been on my keeper shelf without a reread for four years (that’s the easiest time for me to calculate since it’s when I moved). I find a lot of books I’ve had for that long aren’t holding up, and I need to get rid of them to free up space. I also resolve to get rid of my pile of Regency Christmas anthologies that I’m keeping just for the one Carla Kelly story and replace it with the Kelly collection that has all of those stories in it.

Keira: I resolve to continue my detailed Spreadsheet of Joy, wherein I maintain all kinds of data about every book I read. I have been spreadsheeting my reading since 2013, and I also blog about an in-depth analysis of that data every year. I will continue to catalog all the new books I buy or receive as ARCs or gifts at Library Thing, where I was an early adopter and am a life member. I will write a brief review of every book I read on my blog Cogitations & Meditations.

I have become rather choosy as to which books I keep, after taking a hard look at my shelves last summer and donating nine (!!) boxes to my public library. Hundreds upon hundreds of books still remain on my shelves. My home library houses all the nonfiction. The study upstairs houses all the adult fiction and children’s books. I can’t bear to cull the nonfiction, since many of them have been collected with care from around the world. I need to be more ruthless in culling my fiction, especially the books that I haven’t read in years, and buying less. I spent $170 on books last year, and I hope to spend less this year and read more from my TBR and the public library.

Maggie: Last year I determined to read books on my massive paperback/hardback to be read pile and I read about forty titles from the stack. It felt fabulous to take those books into the UBS and bid them adieu. My goal for 2018 is to continue to do that and also to slowly purchase all my old favorites that I have in paper in e. I love paper books but storage wise keeping all these old paper/hardback books just isn’t feasible.

Caz: I don’t do resolutions really, mostly because I never end up keeping any of them. The last few years, though, I’ve said to myself that I’m going to pick up fewer books to review and read more just for pleasure… and each year I seem to have picked up just as many – if not more – books to review. Fortunately, a good proportion of those are books I would want to read anyway, but that still leaves me with a number of authors whose backlists I want to explore that are still languishing lower down the TBR.

Anne Marble: This might be sacrilegious, but I was thinking of resolving to buy fewer books. Then again, I realized you never know which book is going to turn out out to be one of your favorites. So instead I should resolve to buy less … stuff. Fewer Blu-Rays until I catch up. Fewer cute plastic pop culture doohickeys and doodads. They add up after a while. And worst of all, I can’t read them!

In 2017, I started boxing lots of mass market paperbacks to donate to charities. I reduced my romance paperbacks to a couple of bookshelves, and reduced most of my other genre fiction categories . This year, I resolve to keep it going. I’ll even reduce my science fiction collection. Sniffle.

Melanie: I really want to work my way through my TBR pile. I was looking at my Kindle app on my phone last night, and I have at least sixty or so books downloaded that I haven’t read yet, and that’s just a tiny portion of my to-reads!

Kristen: I usually do a #s challenge to myself, but that has led to me picking up shorter books in order to fulfill a quota and leaving things over 300pp on the shelf. So, this year, I’ve picked two concrete goals and then whatever else happens is gravy. One: read one presidential biography each quarter Two: read my Book of the Month book in the month I get it.

And of course there’s our rebellious publisher, whose goal is to read LESS!

Dabney: My goal is to read less and watch more TV. We are living in this time of incredible programming and I manage to see only a few hours of TV a week. I’ve always preferred reading to TV but these days, I feel I spend too much time on the former. Poldark, Outlander, The Queen, Victoria, Luther – I want to watch these shows but have realized it’s not going to happen unless I put down my Kindle and pick up the remote.

So that’s us… What about you? How will you make 2018 a great year for reading (or not), or owning books (or not)?

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