Unusual Setting

The Basque Swallow

The Basque Swallow is noteworthy for its unique setting, unusual characters, and the author's distinctive style of telling a story. But more importantly - most importantly - it's quite simply a great read. The story is told in first-person by its heroine, Joanna Bellamy. As the book opens, the Ne ...

Beyond Sunrise

Beyond Sunrise is a rip-roaring adventure romance that keeps its hero and heroine hurtling from one dramatic and exciting moment to the next for most of its 423 pages. If that were all it was, it would be one terrific read. But Candice Proctor somehow manages to blend action, excitement and thrills ...


Dawnflight tells the story of how Guinevere and Arthur met. Only this isn't the Guinevere of legend. She is Gyanhumara (Gyan), the chieftainess of a fierce Pictish clan. Unlike the Brytoni women, Gyan wears clan tattoos and knows how to use a sword. To fulfill a treaty, Gyan must marry Urien, the ...