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During a recent Ask@AAR column about reviews, we had a lot of really interesting comments on the relationship that forms between readers and reviewers. It was honestly a joy to read how many of you commented that AAR’s seal of approval had meaning for you.

So what I was wondering is… WITHIN AAR, do you take all grades as equal, or do you have particular reviewers that you know are more or less likely to match your taste? The AAR reviewers I look to the most are:


  •  Did you know Caz is our most prolific reviewer, and the only AAR staffer to break 1,000 reviews? If Caz likes an m/m historical, I can take that to the bank. On the other hand, if Caz doesn’t like a book, that won’t necessarily apply to me. (I think as a Brit she notices errors I don’t see, or which I can live with).  Something Caz liked that I didn’t? I haven’t loved Olivia Dade’s latest books, and I tried but didn’t click with Jay Hogan. A few DIKs I tried and loved based on Caz’s reviews:A Dangerous Kind of Lady and A Beastly Kind of Earl by Mia Vincy, Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall, anything by K.J. Charles, Pretty Face by Lucy Parker, Let It Be Me by Kate Noble.

Dabney and I seem to have a lot of overlap at “hot” sensuality. She rarely gives As, so if she does, I sit up and notice – unless it’s Julie Ann Long’s historicals, which she loves and I don’t, or Bec McMaster’s Blue Blood Conspiracy.

A few DIKs I tried and loved because of Dabney’s reviews: Take What You Want by Jeanette Grey, Uncommon Passion and Unforgiven by Anne Calhoun, A Lady Awakened by Cecelia Grant, Edge of Obsession by Megan Crane.


So what about you? Do you have a reviewer you “mesh” with here, or do you just look for an AAR DIK? If you have a particular reviewer, have you used our search feature to limit results to reviews by that person, and even DIKs by that reviewer?

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