RIP: Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood, romance legend, passed away June 8, 2023, at the age of 78.

Debuting in 1985 with Gentle Warrior, Garwood was a prolific author across three decades, with books in sub genres ranging from medieval to Regency to contemporary thrillers. AAR awarded her 15 DIKs, predominantly for her historical romances. Our readers love her, too. Garwood has appeared in every single AAR Top 100 poll, with The Bride, Honor’s Splendour, Ransom, The Secret, and Saving Grace in particular making multiple appearances across the decades. In 2004, she had seven titles listed, and in 2000, she had eight – one of our best showings ever for one author. We reviewed her 34 times , giving her works grades that ranged from As to Fs.

Garwood was interviewed twice at AAR, in 1998 and 2007. In these interviews, she talks about how she began writing historical romance without actually reading it – which may explain why her stories, so refreshingly to many readers, avoided many of the dark tropes of the “bodice ripper” era. While often tackling serious issues, Garwood’s books were intentionally fun escapes, due in no small part to Garwood listening to the fans who told her that was what they loved.

Her voice and style had a lasting effect on the genre, and on the many people who have read and loved her. Julie Garwood will be missed.

Her obituary is HERE.

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