the ask@AAR: Does anyone write multiple books a year well?

In a comment she wrote on my recent review of Sarina Bowen’s Good As Gold, Caroline wrote:

When I look at Bowen’s output, it doesn’t surprise me that the quality is starting to fall off. I started to feel like something was off in the 2021-2 releases of the Brooklyn Bombshells (Bombshells, Shenanigans, and Love Lessons). The stories just felt diluted.

I know the pressure is on authors to produce, produce, produce, but I hate how many times I’ve seen this same pattern and how many autobuy authors I’ve lost to it.

This comment resonated with me. In writing, like most everything else, there’s a place where the rapid pace of production begins to pull down products’ quality. There are categories like, perhaps, category romances where that may not be true. And I’m sure there are prolific authors whose output remains stellar. I just can’t think of any….

What’s your take? Do you feel like there are authors out there who write several really good books a year? Are many authors publishing more books in shorter time frames than they used to? Or am I utterly off base? Let me know!

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