ist2_2692424-retro-press-reporterRWA Nationals are coming up July 15  – 18 and this year both Lynn Spencer and I will be attending.

In previous years, AAR has offered extensive coverage – usually after the conference is over.  But the world – and the Web – are more immediate places today and our inclination is to adopt a coverage model that’s worked well all over the Internets.

What does that mean?  The biggest and most comprehensive change is coverage of conference sessions.  In the past AAR has included long reports on sessions and our inclination is – with a few exceptions – to ditch it.  Our thinking is two-fold:  first, RWA is an organization for writers and AAR is a site for readers and, second, there are many places on the Web that can be counted on for extensive coverage of the writer-ly side of things.

So, here’s how we see it shaping up.  Rachel, in her magical technical wizardry, will put a Twitter feed on the blog (and, nope, you won’t have to register for a Twitter account in order to read them) updated by both Lynn and me throughout the days – and nights.  We’ll also blog occasionally during the proceedings. Our goal is to provide color coverage – who said what, the buzz on the buzz, and the general feeling of what it’s like to be there.

And, since we’d love to meet any AAR readers (authors are very welcome, too, of course) who will be attending the literacy book signing on Wednesday, July 15, we’re planning to hold a post-signing get-together in the bar for anyone who’d like to come.  Details to come as the conference gets closer.

So, here’s our question for you:  Does AAR’s new stripped-down conference coverage sound like what you’re looking for?

-Sandy AAR

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