This past week brought the season finales of two of my favorite — and very different — shows, Glee and Top Chef Masters. About half-way through the finale of Glee, I was beginning to feel some disappointment. I so wanted the show to go out on a high note for the summer.

The performance by New Directions at regionals was good. The intermingling of Jesse’s performance of Bohemian Rhapsody (and yes, I think of it as Jesse’s performance, because it just wasn’t a full team performance) and the birth of Quinn’s baby was very clever. But the result just wasn’t what I was hoping for. I was really afraid that the last part of the show was going to be all down hill

And then, came New Directions’ amazing performance of To Sir With Love. It had me crying. There were so many touching moments in that performance, but Santana’s tears as she sang her solo, and the look on Sue’s face as she watched in the shadows were particularly memorable.

And the ending of the show? Just wonderful. I loved Mr. Shu and Puck singing Somewhere over the Rainbow. But even more, I loved the little glimpses of how the members of the team had really become friends. Wonderful!

I’ll have to admit that the finale of Top Chef Masters completely shocked me. For nearly the whole season, I’d picked Susur Lee and Rick Moonen to be in the finale, and they were. Now I didn’t particularly like them personally, but they really seemed to do very creative things with food, and were clearly judge favorites.

However, I never guessed that Marcus Samuellson would make it to the final three, let alone, that he would win. He struggled with many of the challenges, while other chefs seemed to do much better.

I was very disappointed a few weeks ago when Susan Feniger (formerly of Two Hot Tamales fame) was kicked off the show. She had done so well, and been my favorite for the win, but really messed up her final dish.

While surprising, the finale was interesting. We learned more about all three of the finalists. I found myself hungry throughout the show, as they made just unbelievable dishes…dishes I will never have the skills to make. Nevertheless, I’m still shocked that Marcus won.

How about you? Did you watch the finale of either of these shows? What did you think?


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