lacecap_hydrangea_bluewave2I had so many flower and shrub plans for my new and unadorned yard this Spring and Summer.  I planned to plant a fig tree, blueberry bushes, tea olives, and gardenias.  I even had plans to bargain my way into getting my husband to build some raised beds.  So far, absolutely none of this has happened. 

I have potted a few plants – geraniums, two huge Boston ferns, an asparagus fern, and some mint.  The one thing I actually dug a hole for this year and planted in my barren yard is a very pretty blue lacecap hydrangea.  I saw one of these last year for the first time while walking through Callaway Gardens and instantly fell in love.  I’ve always been a hydrangea fan, but these are my favorite because they look so simple and delicate.  

As I’ve written before, I’m a sucker for small town festivals and this weekend marks my hometown’s 10th annual Hydrangea Festival.  Needless to say, I’ll be there and I hope that I come home with a couple of plants to give some company to my poor, lonely hydrangea.  I still have plans for some gardenias, sweet potato vines, and lantana too!

What are your summer flower favorites?

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