Covers in romance come up again and again and, usually, readers are complaining. Whether it’s the Fabio-licious covers of the 1990s or the cartoon covers all over the place today, there’s always a contingent who just doesn’t like them. And, to be candid, one of the reasons I felt comfortable reading, after a thirty year absence, romance was because I had a Kindle and no one could mock me because of how the books I was reading looked.

There are, however, many many gorgeous covers. We recently had a guest post about the stunning work of artist James Griffin whose work is just lovely. I think Harper St. George’s covers, done by Rita Frangie, are beautiful. Lisa Kleypas’ Ravenels series has great looking covers. The cover of Vanessa Riley’s Island Queen is arresting and aesthetically pleasing. Mary Balogh’s recent covers are elegant and true to the genre. Mackenxi Lee’s covers are quirky and nicely cool. Sonali Dev’s current covers showcase the books India roots and have soothing color combinations.

What covers do you love? And why?

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