I spend a lot of time looking at AAR’s stats. According to Google Analytics, 60% of AAR readers access the site via their phones and/or other devices. When users visit the site, the vast majority arrive there on the Home page. Next most popular are the Power Search, Author Profiles, New Reviews, and Steals and Deals pages. On an average day, we have around two thousands visitors who average three and half minutes a visit.

I’m looking at all of these numbers because this fall, AAR is rolling out a new version of the site. Most of the changes will be on the back end–the software the current site uses has become cumbersome and limiting–but some readers will see. I’m excited about the things we’re adding–my favorite is a personalized Bookshelf where readers can keep lists of book and reviews they want to track. The new Home page as well as a new search feature will make the site easier to navigate.

Once the new website is rolled out, next up will be working on making our mobile site better. To that end, I’m curious how you use AAR. Is it different on your phone than on your desktop? What works the best for you? What frustrates you? And thanks, your feedback is invaluable!

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