the ask@AAR: Is there too much sex in romance for you?

My daughter has a romance book club–this makes me so happy–and the next book they’re discussing is Anne Calhoun’s Uncommon Passion. After reading it, she said she liked it but she was distracted by all the sex scenes. (The book was written in 2013.) Calhoun always went–wonderfully in this reader’s opinion–heavy on the sex scenes unlike many of her contemporaries (Shalvis, Milan, Kantra, Mayberry for example). Today, however, sex scenes in romance novels are often more plentiful and more detailed. Many readers expect to know exactly what happens behind closed doors (or in carriages, public buildings, convertibles, and alleyways….)

Do you? How much heat do you like in your romances? And can there be too much sex? If so, why? And, as usuals, I’d love specific examples!

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