the ask@AAR: Wanna make some recommendations for the AAR Top 100 poll?

The AAR Top 100 Poll has always been a readers’ poll. It’s not a list of what AAR staffers, critics, libraries, or the media thinks are the Top 100 romance novels ever written–it’s what OUR readers think those books are.

Over the years, our readers have created different Top 100 Romances lists–the list changes as the reading habits and preferences of AAR readers do. Thus, what readers loved in 2018, the last year we did this poll, is likely to be different from what they do in 2023. This is not to say that readers won’t still pick classic romances–I’ll be genuinely shocked if there isn’t more than one Lisa Kleypas on the list! But, I suspect, this year’s poll will have new contenders which is as it should be.

I’d like you to let us know what books you think you should be on the poll. I can’t promise I will include your suggestions but it will give us a place to start beyond the 2018 list and all the books that have made our Best of each year lists in the past five years.

I’ve created a Google Sheet you can enter your choice(s). I’ve asked for titles, authors, genres, and names–although the last is optional. The link is here. ( And please put a title in even if it’s already on the list. The more recommendations a book has, the stronger the case for including it is.

I can’t wait to see your picks! And thanks–we couldn’t do it without you!

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